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Laminar 1.1

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Photography
Price: $2.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


Laminar offers one of the most stream lined work flow available on iPad to edit images when on the – “Laminar Is Like A Little Lightroom For iPad” “It doesn’t have the magic ‘Photoshop’ name, but it is worthy of your consideration.”’s extremely easy to perform some of the most basic tasks like: ➥Work on Individual channels to get that perfect tonal effect. ➥Work with RAW camera images. (Needs location services to be enabled). ➥One of the easiest and accurate implementation of layers. ➥Create masks using tools like MagicWand, Gradients, and Text. ➥Brushes. Complete customization options including Variance, Jitter, Softness etc. ➥Support of output resolution as high as 3872×3872 (15MP) on iPad2.Reasons to pick Laminar:-➤OVER 60 BUILT-IN FILTERS & FX ➥Polarizer, Retro, Vintage, Holga, Lomo, Cross Process, Bleach Bypass. Cross-Color, Plastic Lens, etc. ➥Black & White effects including Sepia, Dramatic, Silver, Palladium, Dream, Infra-Red etc. ➥Blur, Sharpen, UnSharp Mask, Radial Blur, Zoom Blur, Motion Blur. ➥12 Art Fx including Comic, Water Colors, Paint, Sketch , Poster Edges, Blueprint, Mosaic etc. ➥16 Amazing Vintage Fx. ➥9 high quality textures including Cloud, Cross Hatch, Graphic Pen, Half-Tone etc.➤LAYERS & MASK ➥No hard limit to the number of layers in a document. ➥Dedicated Mask tool to create masks using Brush,Magic Wand tool, Gradient , and Text. ➥Ability to Clone and Transform(Scale,Pan, Rotate) layers. ➥Layers Demo:➤BORDERS & FRAMES ➥7 Frames and 7 Borders included by default.➤ONE TOUCH IMAGE CORRECTION ➥Laminar includes state of an art AutoAdjust filters. ➥Auto WB, Gamma correction, Auto Levels, Artificial Flash, 1980, HDR,and BW. ➥Auto WB is a state of an art algorithm which adjusts auto white balance in the image, corrects the levels, performs gamma corrections, and brings back color even in images with almost no visible information left. ➤BRUSHES ➥Complete implementation of brushes like with control like Variance, Jitter, Size, Softness, Blend. ➥Included tools like Smudge,Clone, Symbols, Text. ➥Check out demo of clone tool at :➤ADJUSTMENTS & RETOUCH ➥Access to individual Red, Green and Blue channels. ➥Complete Histogram Controls. ➥Curves ➥Shadows and Highlight Adjustments. ➥Exposure, Contrast And Gamma. ➥Temperature, Sepia, and Saturation ➥DeNoise. ➥Crop and Horizon correction. ➥Text Tool.➤Custom Textures ➥Laminar includes a dedicated tool to add textures to your images. ➥Ability to add custom textures from photo library.➤SHARING OPTIONS INCLUDE: ➥Email, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, FTP.***********************Checkout the demo video at: sample Images edited with Laminar, check out: facing problems, be sure to check if your iPad is not running low on space. Reinstalling the app also helps in certain situations. Feel free to reach me directly at, or our support at